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Surah An-Nisa | 4:85
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Don't let your past damage your future

One of the biggest fears of boys and their moms who are considering a proposal to marry a divorcee girl is, "why did her husband leave her"?

Will you not Accept her!

Many Muslim men pass over the profiles of revert Muslimah and ignore them for marriage when they search for a spouse in Muslim marriage websites. They prefer a girl with an Islamic background or Muslim parents...

What do you look for when you study a prospective bride's profile?

Consider this: What do you look for when you study a prospective bride's profile, especially if her picture is not put up? If she passes your criteria of height, weight, skin and colour only then you would go for...

Why marrying a single parent can be good for your future and present

Consider this: If your prospective daughter in law is a single Muslim parent, would you put a condition to separate her from her child? Or Let her come too? One of the most highlighted clause...

Are you considering a marriage with a widow?

Islamic marriage sites and muslim marriage sites are over piled up with the profiles of widows (with and without children). One may consider hosting widows in your homes even as first wife or one wife...

Why MBH?

There are hundreds of Muslim marriage websites, thousands of matchmaking centres, offering you hundreds of dream profiles of young beautiful girls and handsome rich young men. In this crowded market, there is a ignored category of Muslim Widows, Divorcees, Muslim Unmarried Singles and New Muslims.

It is not that our society is selfish, but there is no such platform for this category that expresses their voice and flashes their profiles.

mybetterhalf.com has been guiding muslim families for the past few years through blogs, videos and other religious writeups of notable scholars and speakers of the community along with counselling.

mybetterhalf.com is a Muslim marriage site projecting hundreds of profiles of Muslim Widows, Divorcees, Muslim unmarried singles and New Muslims, ranging from all age groups, colour, race and countries. Covering Indonesia to NorthAmerica, from Gulf to India - Pakistan and Africa, we have extensive portfolios of educated and religious Muslimahs who are continuously supplicating for a Blessed marriage.

It could be you, or your son, who may be chosen by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى as a response to such supplications of prospective brides and hopeful parents. mybetterhalf.com is glad to be a part of Muslim matrimonial service for the community.

We invite you to be a part of this social cause and choose one of the prospective muslim brides for you ( if you are a prospective groom ) and a daughter in law (if you are a mother of a prospective groom).

mybetterhalf.com has scanned all the profiles and got answers to most of the questions that you would prefer to know about the ‘would be brides’, making it easy for you to land on the right choice. Your journey to pick your companion ‘For this World and the Hereafter’ begins