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Don't let your past damage your future

by: mybetterhalf

One of the biggest fears of boys and their moms who are considering a proposal to marry a divorcee girl is, "why did her husband leave her"?

Everyone knows a clap requires two hands. So instead of pointing at the mistakes of your ex husband better correct your own shortcomings too to make your future happier.

A second marriage opportunity means do not repeat your past mistakes. Here is a list of things that can help you in protecting your future from being harmed by your past:

  1. Spot your weakness. Ask your elders and close friend to help you  locate your errors in nature.

  2. When face by a situation, search solution in Qur’an and Sunnah. You will find them practical and easy to apply.

  3. Read examples of Sahaba and Sahabiyat for motivation in overcoming hardships in life.

  4. Do not talk too negative and bitter about your previous in laws but appear positive

  5. Appreciate your current in laws before your parents and circle. Do not criticise them. Remember, a faultless life is possible on in Paradise.

  6. Overlook the faults of others and pardon them and make dua for them

  7. Express love- The prophet (peace be upon him) said - Aisha, my wife in this world and Hereafter.

  8. Be thankful to Allah and your inlaws for being given a second chance in life

  9. Seek the help of Allah to sail through hardship in life

  10. Love your inlaws for the sake of Allah