"and We have
created you in pairs"


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28 Years :: Single 26+ :: India
I am a Mechanical Engineering and practicing Muslim. I read the Qur'an and hadith on a daily...
33 Years :: Single 26+ :: Indonesia
﷽ I believe in Qur'an Surah An Noor; 26. 32 this year but Alhamdulillah people think I...
31 Years :: Single 26+ :: United Arab Emirates
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu. Originally I am from India, born 1 grew up in UAE. My...
30 Years :: Single 26+ :: United States of America
I am Hammad and my ethnic background is from Pakistan. I am easygoing, goal and family oriented,...
29 Years :: Single 26+ :: Saudi Arabia
I am a practicing Muslim woman, and I wish to become better. I am very kind, compassionate, humble,...
43 Years :: Single 26+ :: United Kingdom
Kind, caring, homely, good sense of humour and family orientated. Enjoy studying deen and helping...
30 Years :: Single 26+ :: India
Bismillah...As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu... I am practising Muslimah who likes to...
47 Years :: Single 26+ :: United Arab Emirates
im practising muslim sunni..never married..fully covered but stylish elegant within the islamic...
29 Years :: Single 26+ :: Bangladesh
I am a practicing muslimah, I fear Allah, love Allah and always put my trust on Allah's...
Divorcee Profiles
50 Years :: Divorcee :: United Arab Emirates
Assalamu Aleikum I’m choosing to join this APP and hoping that Allah will bless me with...
39 Years :: Divorcee :: India
As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu, I am a simple Muslimah striving to spend my...
40 Years :: Divorcee :: South Africa
I'm practicing Muslima that wears Niqab by my choice... I put Allah above everything and find...
45 Years :: Divorcee :: Austria
Im born in Austria convert muslimah haveing two kids of two diffrent marriges looking for my second...


26+ Never
Reviving the forgotten Sunnah

Ibn Mas’ood (Allah be pleased with him) said:

"If I only had ten days to live and I knew that I would die at the end of them, and I had any desire to get married, I would get married, for fear of fitnah (temptation)."

Among the virtues of marriage are righteous children raised with good morals and faith who will be Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing charity) for the parents after their death.

Whatever the circumstances you are in now there is the chance to find companionship and comfort again.

Join this virtuous cause and help yourself and others find their better half.

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Nikah a marriage
for khayr
In this crowded market of Muslim matrimony websites, there is an ignored category of Muslim Divorcees, Widows, Single Parents, Unmarried Ageing Singles and New Muslims.

There is no exclusive platform for these selected individuals which helps them express their voice and promote their profiles.

mybetterhalf.com is glad to be a part of a Muslim matrimonial service for the community.

We invite you to be a part of this social cause and choose one of the prospective muslim life partners for you.

We have extensive portfolios of educated and practicing Muslims ranging from multiple age groups, race and countries who are continuously supplicating to begin a new family.

Your journey to pick your companion ‘For this World and the Hereafter’ begins.
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قُلْ أَعُوذُ بِرَبِّ النَّاسِ، مَلِكِ النَّاسِ، إِلَٰهِ النَّاسِ، مِنْ شَرِّ الْوَسْوَاسِ الْخَنَّاسِ، الَّذِي يُوَسْوِسُ فِي صُدُورِ النَّاسِ، مِنَ الْجِنَّةِ وَالنَّاسِ
Say: I seek refuge with (Allah) the Lord of mankind,(1) The King of mankind,(2) The Ilah (God) of mankind,(3) From the evil of the whisperer (devil who whispers evil in the hearts of men) who withdraws (from his whispering in one's heart after one remembers Allah),(4) Who whispers in the breasts of mankind,(5) Of jinns and men.(6)
Recite 3 Times
Abdullah bin Khubaib (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said to me, “Recite Surat Al-Ikhlas and Al- Mu'awwidhatain (Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Nas) three times at dawn and dusk. It will suffice you in all respects.”

[Abu Dawud 5082 and At-Tirmidhi 3575]

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"And they spend (in Allah's cause) out of what We have provided for them"
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"Life is uncertain, and marriages can also break. This site has useful content about marriage and family life which is the absolute need of the hour."
"I am glad we can ask about some major issues on this website. They either answer through videos on youtubechannel or on the QnA post section"
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The sad part is , some people will laugh at you for being serious about practicing Islam.The good part is , you live for #ALLAH , not them...
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Q: My husband was away from me for few months. He is a very good father, son and husband but my friend's wife came in relationship...
Q: What is the ruling about offering sacrifice on Eid ul Ad’ha by a person who is Debt ridden?
Q: If while fasting, the gums bleed and the person swallows the blood, would it break the fast?
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Friday Khutba

Among his signs is that He created mates for you from you and He made Affection and Mercy between you (Surah Rum)

Islam is a religion of love and affection

Among the blessings reminded by Allah, one is that He has made love and affection in our hearts and joined us together. Now in order to protect the duo, we are encouraged to overlook faults of others and cover them. This is a charactertistic of the people of Taqwa (piety)

 Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal and Bayhaqi record a hadith from Abu Sa’ed Khudri (Allah be pleased with him) that he came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and requested for an advice. He advised, Establish taqwa in your heart because Islam stands upon taqwa.”

Taqwa and forgiveness goes together

To forgo (people’s faults) is nearer to Taqwa and forget not kindness among yourselves (Surah al Baqarah verse 237)

Consider this, Your spouse is very beneficial for you and done good in huge amount and once or twice you get some difficulties from him/her and the entire efforts of years of goodness gets wiped out. This is what the above verse explains. ‘Do not forget kindness among yourselves’. Do not highlight few errors and let large number of goodness fade away. Applying the above verse in your mutual dealings with people will bring good in abundance.

Forgive, but beautifully

Even the Prophet (peace be upon him) was commanded to Forgive those who were harshest against him

Fasfahis safhal jameel (Surah Hijr)  So overlook the faults in a beautiful manner.

The above verse was a command to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and it does not only talk about forgiving but forgive beautifully! Forgiving beautifully means, after you forgive, the matter is over and there is no need to remind their mistakes and embarrass them or complain to people about it.


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