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created you in pairs"


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Divorcee Profiles
46 Years :: Divorcee :: Sweden
I am quite an adjustable, flexible respectful and pretty easy-going woman but I turn my back for...
46 Years :: Divorcee :: India
I am a practising muslim and believe in islamic teachings. I have a mellow temperament and give...
42 Years :: Divorcee :: United Kingdom
I am a practising Muslims who volunteers at the local events and organisations. I am independent...
50 Years :: Divorcee :: United States of America
I am a practicing Muslim with General Anxiety diagnosis. I have 3 children who do not live with me...
35 Years :: Divorcee :: Kuwait
I'm a silent, self reliant,down to earth person who believes in simple living and higher...
38 Years :: Divorcee :: United Kingdom
I am a practicing British born Muslim I am based in north London from an Urdu speaking Pakistani...
37 Years :: Divorcee :: United Kingdom
I am a fun loving people's person who alhamdulillah just about gets on with everyone I cross...
37 Years :: Divorcee :: India
I'm a healthcare professional, broad minded, simple and affectionate. I love to work and can...
37 Years :: Divorcee :: Sri Lanka
I am a practicing muslim learning the deen and hoping to perfect my knowledge in order to better...
New Muslims Profiles
38 Years :: New Muslims :: Yemen
I am a committed Muslim and willing to help people and I believe that the most important thing in...
30 Years :: New Muslims :: Malaysia
i am looking for my future soulmate or life partner and practising Islamic ways together,guide me...
32 Years :: New Muslims :: India
I am a person who is trying to balance my religious obligations and my other responsibilities.I am...
28 Years :: New Muslims :: India
As Salam alaikum m a REVERT Muslimah I want to give my best for my akirah Deen and duniya Die as...
43 Years :: New Muslims :: Canada
i am a revert have been revert for 6 years my previous marriage didn't go well mostly i was...


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Q: After my marriage, I went to my in-laws, I was unaware of the domestic affairs due to which our in-laws and I had many fights,...
Q: What should a fasting person do if someone starts a fight/quarrel with him?
Q: What are the benefits of Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah)?
Q: My husband who has lost his job and remains tensed. I would like to know if there is any supplication that which I can recite...
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I was told about a family gathering and there was a couple where the husband was bald and his wife was beautiful. One of the seniors commented, "The Bald and the Beautiful". There was a roar of laughter. The wife took over and said, "So what if he is bald, he is still the crown...
A friend of mine visited me with the heavyhearted news of his divorce. His wife had fallen for another man in her workplace. My friend was reluctant to start a fresh life. He said, “I fear the next wife too”. It took me a long time to explain to him that all accidents are not...
Among the heaviest deed in the weigh on the Day of Qiyamah will be Good Akhlaaq says the Sahih Hadith of Tirmidhi. You can understand Good Akhlaaq as character, nature, capacity to tolerate people's weakness and respond it soberly or gently, cheerful appearance in spite of hardships, generosity and every other thing that plays a...