"and We have
created you in pairs"


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Single Parent Profiles
30 Years :: Single Parent :: United States of America
I am a new practicing Muslimah striving to be a better person and Allah eyes. I'm looking for...
37 Years :: Single Parent :: India
I am a practicing muslim and would like to help the society we live in by being the best myself and...
34 Years :: Single Parent :: Norway
Alhamdulillah, I am a revert from Norway. Practicing Muslim that loves to travel and be with...
39 Years :: Single Parent :: Nigeria
I am a practicing Muslim ah, a graduate and a single mom of a 9 year old girl. I am committed,...
31 Years :: Single Parent :: United States of America
I live in NYC. I teach in a Public school. I teach first grade and also students with disabilities....
41 Years :: Single Parent :: Ghana
35 Years :: Single Parent :: United Kingdom
Assalamu-alaikum All praise belongs to The One who created everything. I have alot to be grateful...
47 Years :: Single Parent :: United Kingdom
I don't know how to actually describe myself because what I see myself could be totally...
44 Years :: Single Parent :: Philippines
The first and foremost important thing in Life that can help a believer live the life in an Islamic...
New Muslims Profiles
30 Years :: New Muslims :: Tanzania, United Republic of
I'm a practising muslim woman eho strives to do better every single day snd in my expectations...
25 Years :: New Muslims :: Canada
I am 25 years old (DOB: Feb, 1999) and currently living in Canada as a student. I am pursuing an...
31 Years :: New Muslims :: United Arab Emirates
I am practicing new Muslim. I really like to look after myself, face, body.. I love sport and...
25 Years :: New Muslims :: Bangladesh
I am a practicing Muslim who started practicing for the last couple of years. I've been...
30 Years :: New Muslims :: Malaysia
i am looking for my future soulmate or life partner and practising Islamic ways together,guide me...
40 Years :: New Muslims :: Philippines
Since I became a muslim nothing is more beloved to me than knowing more about Islam and to put into...
43 Years :: New Muslims :: Canada
i am a revert have been revert for 6 years my previous marriage didn't go well mostly i was...
27 Years :: New Muslims :: India
I am a new muslim and my family is aware of this except my father. I like traveling new places,...


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Aslamalikum   During sleep many times i feel somone pricks needles in my back, now it is in my waist and i used to recite ayatul kursi many times...
by Nayeema
by Tooba_Rizwan
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Q: After delivery of a child, women are exempted from praying for 40 days, how true is that? Also, does one have to make up for...
Q: My young son studies in an Islamic school. Yesterday, after he came back from the school he asked us if we knew about Islamic months....
Q: Why are the Ten days of Dhul Hijjah most valued by Allah and what should we do to uphold the values of these sacred days?
Q: Is there a cure for anxiety, stress and depression in the Qur'an and Sunnah? (Part 2)
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In the Western Society, it is a very common trend that children of divorced parents find it difficult to adapt a new mom into their hearts. When I studied the comments compiled in surveys, I found a few things that could be same even in Muslim post-second marriage scenario. One of the boys quoted, “I...
Aisha , Anas bin Malik and Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with them all)- these three companions of the Prophet (pbuh) were in their early teens when they started learning Religion from him. Before the three completed their teens, they were the finest scholars of Fiqh and narrated the most number of Hadith from the...
The family is of four people. Two sons and a pair of parents. The difference is :There is a handicap son who cannot move. He is like a living vegetable. He is absolutely depended upon his parents...They give him a wash, they cleanse him, they dress him.This is a daily routine for past 20 years! I...