Mbh QnA Corner
Your Questions - May, 2020
Q: How can we get more out of Ramadan?
Q: Can an injection be taken while fasting?
Q:  A patient of Asthma can have an asthmatic attack anytime. If while fasting, he gets an asthmatic attack, can he use his inhaler?
Q: Are the fasts of the poor better than the fasts of the rich?
Your Questions - April, 2020
Q: What is the importance of reciting/reading Quran in Ramadan?
Q: What is the importance of Tawbah in Ramadan?
Q: Is fasting obligatory for all Muslims?
Q: What are the six attributes of Muttaqeen?
Q: If while fasting, the gums bleed and the person swallows the blood, would it break the fast?
Q: How to inculcate Taqwa?
Q: How should we welcome Ramadan?
Q: What is the importance of Qiyam in Ramadan?
Q: What is the importance of Niyyah (Intention)?
Q: What is the Importance of fasting in Ramadan?
Your Questions - March, 2020
Q: What are some of the blessings of Allah that we should treasure?
Your Questions - August, 2018
Q: What is the ruling about offering sacrifice on Eid ul Ad’ha by a person who is Debt ridden?
Q: Can the meat of sacrificed animal be given to a Non-Muslim friends? (Eid ul Adha)
Q: Why are the Ten days of Dhul Hijjah most valued by Allah and what should we do to uphold the values of these sacred days?
Your Questions - May, 2018
Q: My family celebrates 15th night of Sha'baan as Eid for the Deceased. They decorate, cook food, light up the house and place lamps on graves believing the souls of the deceased come to visit us on this night. Is this true? What is the evidence for it?
Your Questions - April, 2018
Q: I am concerned about my family members who miss Fajr salah while being punctual in the rest of the four salah?