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What level of intimacy is allowed with spouse during fasting?

by: Assim Al Hakeem
Video Transcript

What level of intimacy is allowed or not allowed

between a husband and wife

during fasting

What is

Well-known among the Muslims and the consensus of all scholars of Islam that

having intercourse

during the daytime of Ramadan is


Now what draws a person closer to intercourse

Is prohibited as well?

but if a person


himself well and

He knows that he has

self-control and

He would not ever be tempted to fall into

intercourse during the daytime of Ramadan

whether it's a he or a she in this case, there is no problem in any type of

intimacy as

Long as it does not lead to intercourse. So kissing hugging being intimate is permissible

providing you have

Self-control and this is how mother Aisha may Allah be pleased with her described. Our Prophet

Having great

self-control and that he would not ever be tempted or fall into

Such a sinful act during the daytime of Ramadan and this is why

when the Companions used to be asked

About a man kissing his wife during the daytime of Ramadan

sometimes they would say there is no problem and

sometimes they would say this is prohibited and when their

Companions asked them why give two different answers?

They said that the first man was an old man. So kissing his wife would not lead to anything dangerous

Because he's old he's not

Hot-blooded he's not young while the second person was a young man. Who was newly Wed

So most likely if he kisses his wife

Things would escalate and lead to something that might put him in

danger in the sense that he may have intercourse with his wife which

Would mean that they would have to pay the expiation

Freeing a slave if not possible fasting two consecutive months if not possible

feeding 60 people one would say

For missing one day I fast 60 consecutive days

With none stop. This is too much. Well, you don't decide my friend whether it's too much or not

You have committed a grave and serious sin and you have to pay the consequences



Dictated that this is the expiration. It's a large origin

So you don't get to pick and choose

You don't get to say hmm reading sixty people is okay

It only it's only 10% of my salary. So here we go. No

You have to free a slave. There are no slaves. You have to fast sixty consecutive months. I can't why can't you oh

It's too difficult to have meetings. I have to drink cappuccino and I have to do this. This is not a legitimate excuse

Are you?

You have to fast share sixty days is too much. This is what you have to pay

Because you have sinned and disobeyed Allah