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What is the Kaffarah for a Couple Who Gave into Intimacy While Fasting?

by: Assim Al Hakeem
Video Transcript

Husband and the wife are supposed to fast for two months

Consecutively because they broke fast early as a result of intimacy during the fasting hours of Ramadan

the wife tried not to give in to the desires but ended up giving in as

to not anger her husband can the couplep>

Substitute some days of fasting with feeding the poor

What are some of the ways that they can make up for this?

nullified fast other than fasting for two months in a row well

for the sister for the wife

for not

Angering her husband. She has angered Allah and

that is

the wrong choice

The Prophet said There is no obedience to a creature in this obeying

the Creator

So definitely she is sinful if she resisted in the beginning and gave in

During she is sinful if she resists it from the beginning to the end and kept on fighting

Then her fast is valid and she has no expiration to be done now to substitute

this is a luxury that we do not have in Islam either you fast the full 60 days or you're unable and

your nobility is

Not judged by your own and desires a Mufti should tell you yes, you're unable

So if you are chronically ill if you're too weak if you are unable to fast due to a legitimate reason

related to health

Then yes, you can feed 60 people. But if you just simply feel bored or don't want to or

You have lame excuses. This doesn't work it you cannot fast like 50 days and

Ten people it doesn't work like this. This is not the stock exchange market that you can pick and choose different

Portfolios. Nope, you have to fast the sixty days and you have to do this

Believing and hoping that Allah will forgive you because what you have done is a serious

offense and a serious sin

so when we say you have to fast 60 days, this is

Not accurate you have to fast two consecutive months

so if I start fasting on the 15th of

Muharram I

finish on the 15th of Rabi al-awwal

Whether Muharram was 29 days or 30

It doesn't matter whether suffer was 29 days or 30

It doesn't matter two consecutive months began at 15 finish at 15

now if I missed and I fasted the whole period but on the 13th of

Didn't fast for no legitimate reason

What should I do? It's very simple begin fasting two consecutive months

See when we say consecutive mean that you do not break it except with the legitimate reason. What do you mean chef legitimate reason?

Well, a woman is fasting two consecutive months. She gets her period

Seven days she cannot fast

Today she saw her purity. She took tomorrow

She must fast if she missed tomorrow, she should start over from day one

but if she fasted a month and got her menses for a week and

Eight days. She fasts then. This is number 31

one month and this is the first 31st a

person travels

legitimately I

Work in a company. They tell me to go one week to London

It's a legitimate excuse full week. I do not fast

When I come back immediately I have to fast ice is fasting the month of

The full and then nine days of the and then I had read and the three

Days of the shriek which is haraam for a resident too fast

I have to break my fast read three days afterwards then what?

Immediately on the 14th of the I have to resume fasting so the month of the days of the


Starting from fourteen. This is the 40th day


if I fall sick, I

Can break my fast and continue after I recover

Well sure. What do you mean sick? Because I got a wound in my finger off. Can I break my fast?

No a fee is this does not impact your fasting so like I have a knee pain

Doesn't impact your fasting I broke my leg

Doesn't impact your fasting something that does

With your health so you have

You have severe migraines that requires you take a lot of painkillers

You have something that is making your fever high or your power law. This is a legitimate reason

You may break your fast

once you recover immediately, you have to follow continue and complete and

Allah knows best Mubarak? I don't know be in a was happy. He edged me