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Hadith which says All his Previous Sins will be Forgiven in Ramadan refers to Major or Minor sins?

by: Assim Al Hakeem
Video Transcript

The hadith

Whoever observes fast during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah's rewards

then all his past sins will be forgiven and

The other hadith whoever spends the night of lailatul qatar in prayer out of faith and in the hope of rewardp>

Will be forgiven his previous sins

They are similar in wording towards the end

Are the sins in this hadith referring to measure or minor sins? Secondly, what does the faith here mean is?

This referring to the six pillars of faith in Islam

That one must fulfill kindly clarify. First of all are the major sins

Forgiven or not the vast majority of scholars say they are not included

Because the Prophet said

Ramadan to Ramadan

The five daily prayers one to other Friday to Friday


expiation to what happens in between them as

Long as one avoids major sins

so the expiation

refers to

the forgiveness of sins refers to

minor sins

major sins require

repentance and

repentance has their conditions that this is not the time to go through them, but

Without repentance your major sins are not

Forgiven so yes

If you fast from above if you pray the last that the full of Ramadan

Taraweeh or the last ten nights or even one night of lailatul qatar your sins are forgiven

That is referring to minor sins

If you add to that repentance, then your major and minor sins will be forgiven with the grace of Allah soldier

Now the hadith

here is translated into in faith and

Hoping to attain Allah's reward the wordings in Arabic is Eman and

believing in

This legislated or prescribed deed

So whoever fasts Ramadan

believing in its obligation

So this is a belief. It's not out of faith. It's a belief and

Anticipating the reward at the sight of Allah not because it's

Going to make me healthier skinnier. It's good for my diet. No, I'm doing it for the sake of Allah

Anticipating the reward from Allah. So this is the meaning of Eman and out of belief that this is

Prescribed by Allah

recommended by Allah and

Anticipating the reward from Allah the Almighty