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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Asalam aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu! I’m 30 years old and live in Sweden. I am very down to earth and try to practice my religion to the best of my ability. As a person I’m very optimistic and always try to look at any given situation from the bright side, i truly believe in the power of thinking positively on a day to day basis and always thinking good of Allah (i am what my servant thinks of me) so i really try to act upon it and always think Allah always wants the best for us. Islam is what drives me and what bring tranquility to my life, i strive to become more and more practicing but also strive in working hard for my dunya. In terms of the wordly life i am a very business oriented woman that strives in not only benefitting myself when it comes to my work but also benefit my fellow sisters in islam. I’m a very hard working woman and really want to live a life of balance and serve my lord and also my family and the ummah. I am a very structured and detail oriented individual and like to have things in order. I think i would say I’m a very analytical person and that shows of in my daily life. I am also a very tidy person and enjoy having a very clean home, so for us to get along you would have to be a tidy person. I am a very goal oriented woman and try to excel in anything I put my mind into. I am also in to personal development and working on areas where I fall short in to become better. It is from us that the ummah is expanding so it is truly close to my heart that every muslim woman should try to be the best of themselves an serve their Lord in the purest of ways. I have a very clear vision of how i want to live my life and how i would like to raise my children inshAllah. For me Islam always comes first and my priority is always to leave a legacy of honorable and pious offspring. And therefore seeking a partner that wants to strive for this world but also the hereafter. Furthermore, i like to travel and love to experience different cultures and taste different food. A dream of mine is to one day travel the world with my future spouse and children and experience the beauty of Allahs earth.
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WHAT IM LOOKING FOR “Our Lord! Grant unto us spouses and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous. (Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa dhurriyatina qurrata a`yunin wa’j`alna li’l muttaqina imama)” SubhanAllah this is such a beautiful supplication and it entails everything I would want in life. For me qurrata a`yunin (comfort/coolnes of our eyes) in terms of a spouse means someone who by just taking a glance would make my heart smile, with his manners/akhlaq, kindness, adhering to the sunnah, forbidding the haram and encouraging the halal, living his day to the best of his ability and always always having taqwa and tawakul in Allah. Somone who truly understand that value and the blessings of being a Muslim. Who act in the best of ways and try to always be kind even in times of difficulties. qurrata a`yunin also means for me someone who never misses their prayer, who read and act upon the teaching of islam, someone who I truly can look with so much admiration and love because of the way he always wants to please his lord. SubhanAllah I truly believe that it is Allah that puts mawada and rahma between two individuals heart towards one and another, and to have that gift from Allah both sides must first be connected to their lord. Further more I want a spouse that truly knows how to be a man and act upon his responsibilities as a husband, father and a muslim, someone that know his role as a man and is comfortable and confident with himself. I’m seeking for a spouse that wants to work together and support each other in life and raising pious children. Someone that will support me and encourage me to excel in both my spiritual life and personal life. Preferably I am seeking someone that is a bit older than me and is completely settled and stable with their life. I want someone that is firm but easy going, someone that i feel I can concur the world with but also play silly games with at home, someone that will be my nr one best friend and life partner, and most importantly someone with a pure and good akhlaq and that always have taqwa. I also want a husband that is very goal oriented and very business minded. Someone that is very entrepreneurial and not afraid to take big risks. I believe there should be clear roles in a marriage and that the man should act upon his responsibilities as the leader and the provider of the family. I would say I prefer the old fashioned family structure. Alhamdulillah Allah the most high gifted me with a beautiful daughter that is the comfort of my eyes. Since having a child I have grown so much as a person and a mother and truly understand what a blessing it is to be gifted with a child. Everything I do and everything I aspire to achieve is for my child and inshallah my feature family. I am not the type that wants to say to children do this and that while myself lacking in it, rather I want to show her how to do it how to act and how to behave. In other words to be a true role model and let my action speak for it self. It is therefore important that my partner can be a good role model with a big heart.
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