MBH QnA Corner
Your Questions - August, 2018

What is the ruling about offering sacrifice on Eid ul Ad’ha by a person who is Debt ridden?

Answered by: Shaykh Zafar

There can be different type of debts in our society. One type is: a person is comfortably rich enough to run is life, yet he has taken a loan to expand his business. For him, Hajj, zakat and sacrifice on Eidul Ad’ha is compulsory. He his obliged to fulfill them.

The second type of debt is upon a person who has borrowed money under dire need and he cannot afford to buy a sacrificial animal. For him, he has to opt between, repaying his debt or offer a sacrifice and therefore he has to repay his debt. But if his creditor offers him some time more to repay his debt then he should offer the sacrifice as well. He should consider this generosity from his creditor as a mercy from Allah and be grateful to Him by going ahead with sacrifice.