MBH QnA Corner
Your Questions - May, 2020

How can we prepare for Ramadan?

Answered by: Sheikh Zafar ul Hasan

Importance of Fasting (in Ramadan)

Fasting (in Ramadan) is one of the pillars of Islam. Fasting is an ibadah that was obligatory even for the previous nations (before Islam)

The main objective of fasting is attainment of Taqwa.

Welcoming Ramadan

How to prepare for Ramadan?

  1.  Repentance and begging for forgiveness 
  2. Good deeds
  3. Fasting
  4. Committing to stay away from sins in future 

Benefits of Repentance

Allah loves those who repent and beg for His forgiveness.

Every person is prone to sin and the best amongst sinners is the one who repents.

Types of Impurity

There are two types of impurity in Islam.

  1.  Physical impurity
  2. Impurity of belief or deed

The physical impurity can be cleaned with water while the impurity of belief can be removed with repentance.

A person can come closer to Allah by fulfilling all obligatory ibadah and deeds, and supplementing that with Nawafil (non obligatory ibadah)

As a person draws closer to Allah, Allah not only Loves him but also Protects him from all kinds of sins and evil.