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The Bald and the Beautiful - Odd Couples Even Love

by: Nisaar Nadiadwala

I was told about a family gathering and there was a couple where the husband was bald and his wife was beautiful. One of the seniors commented, "The Bald and the Beautiful". There was a roar of laughter. The wife took over and said, "So what if he is bald, he is still the crown of my head". This time the crowd cheered her. 

There was this couple where the wife was constantly enquiring and studying about weight reduction. Despite she being a little overweight, which is normal for women who deliver a few kids, her husband wanted her to look like those teenage heroines. So, the poor lady was always after diet and gym. Finally, she fell sick and the matter was brought before her elders. One of the wise men called up the husband and spoke to him about how humans are imperfect and even those rockstars are not perfectly shaped as they appear to be. The husband was a little stubborn. So the discussion changed as the wise man suggested, "Look, even our daughter has the right to have a good-looking husband. Look at your tummy! It is bulging out. Tomorrow onwards, you too should go to the gym and keep fit. If you want a Cinderella-like wife, you must strive to be like Harryr Potter as well." The discussion ended and so did the problem. 

In my school days, I used to observe an odd couple who were our family friend. The man was very handsome and his wife was overweight, 120 kg plus. But the couple always appeared cheerful and jolly. My father used to say, "He never gives any complex to his wife with regargds to the difference in their sizes. In return, the lady gives him extra attention and affection along with respect". 

My editor was 52 when he married a beautiful girl of just 25. He was a middle-class writer but popular and she was the daughter of a wealthy jeweler. Many people in the media spoke ill about the odd couple and questioned their marital happiness. Ultimately, the editor wrote in his column about it and spoke very high of his wife and her loyalty. A few days later another journalist printed his wife's interview and she too spoke very high about her husband. The critics were silenced publicly. 

Never grade your spouse's looks and shape. They are temporary even if they are excellent. Marital happiness is not merely about looks, size, shape and wealth, but it's all about love, care and respect. Look at our grandmothers. They do not possess the charm and looks of their youth nor do our grandfathers possess the erstwhile wealth or fitness but their true love never runs into poverty nor gets affected by wrinkles. It gets evolved into kindness and care.