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Sabrun Jameelun!! A beautiful patience!!!! But why?

by: Nisaar Nadiadwala

If you read verse 33 of Surah Yusuf, where Prophet Yusuf (as)  says: Jail is better than the sin they are inviting me too- and show it to the  Hollywood-Bollywood stars along with the invitation Yusuf (as) is referring to, they will get the shock of their life. In an age where celebrities don't spare even their maids and servants, from their lustful clutches, the   patience of a man who prefers going to jail instead of accepting the invitation of a beautiful noble woman, can be a little astounding.

In the same Surah, Allah quotes another Prophet twice, this time Yaqub (as), declaring and assuring himself in his worst crises: Indeed a Beautiful Patience. First, when his other sons inform him that wolves have eaten up Yusuf (as) and for the second time when his youngest son, Bin Yamin is held back by the Governor of Egypt on the accusation of robbery. A man who loses two beloved sons and gets blind while grieving is still calling patience to be beautiful!

Most of us have not understood what the beauty in undergoing suffering is! Why Sabr is called beautiful? Indeed Sabr enjoys a lofty status in Islam. The Qur'an mentions between 80-90 times various varieties and virtues of Sabr. Sabr means: TO WAIT TILL ALLAH DECIDES AND BRINGS HIS COMMAND.

Patience is a blessing from Allah- As Allah says: Fa'sbir wama sabaroka illa billahi- Surah Nahl ch 16, verse 126.

Sabr is an assurance of Promise from Allah- Fasbir, inna wa'adallahi Haqq… Be patient, the promise of Allah is true- Surah Rom ch 30, verse 60 and Surah Ghafir ch 40, verse 55 and 77.

Sabr results in the pleasure of Allah: Bear with patience to please Allah- Surah Ra'ad ch 13, verse 22.

Let us see the methods of Sabr, how to beautify your sabr and how to increase the sabr stamina.

Sur'ah Ra'ad verse 22: Do sabr to please Allah and establish Salah and spend from what provision We have provided you and return evil with good. If you closely study this verse, it will inform you the methodology of sabr. As I have already said that Salah and Emaan are the first casualties when a calamity befalls upon many of us. Here, we are told that observing patience implies to continue praying and worshipping Allah in all the situations that require patience. Even spending in the way of Allah strengthens Sabr and returning evil with good is also a fine way of being a Sabir i.e. Patient. The second verse is from Surah Ghafir ch 40, verse 55: Do astaghfar continuously.

The immense, honorable results that these Sabireen got- Ayyub (as) got his health and wealth back, Yaqub (as) got his son Yusuf (as) back and that too with love among the rest of the brothers who hated Yusuf (as). Yusuf (as) himself got his family back, and from a sold human, he rose to the Governorship of Egypt via Jail, and this he achieved through Sabr. Indeed Sabr is beautiful!