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Priceless Couples who never say "I Give Up"

by: Nisaar Nadiadwala

The family is of four people. Two sons and a pair of parents. The difference is :There is a handicap son who cannot move. He is like a living vegetable. He is absolutely depended upon his parents...They give him a wash, they cleanse him, they dress him.This is a daily routine for past 20 years!

I went there to interview them personally for my readers and discovered some amazing commitments that they are observing for past two decades. The couple has never been out together for past twenty years!!! Never attended a social gathering, or went out for even marketing. One of them stay back ! Just to be with their child . How many of us ( including your Nisaar Sir ) can show endurance if Allah tests us with something similar? Many of us might even pray for the child's death. Don't forget it is a test for past 20 years and still going on !!! They don't regret for having such a son. "It is a test from Allah" they announce without any fatigue on their face ! Had it not been the help of Allah they wouldn't have been able to sustain such a test.

Last month I went to Parbhani. It is a small dusty town in East Maharashtra. I stumbled upon my friend Mohammed Aslam. He is a revert for past two decades almost. He was a Christian and now a practicing Muslim. Some unfortunate things caused a drift between his wife and him and they parted. But Mohammed Aslam did not give up. He married a widow. So what? Any body may ask. But his widow has three kids from her first husband. And Mohammed Aslam doesn't mind. For him his wife's children are under his care now. "It is a way to Jannah " He gave me a pleasant response when I asked him how does he adjust with kids. His broad smile cheered more teeth indicating that it was not an artificial smile. My talk was about to begin but I told the organisers that I must visit Mohammed Aslam's house. I went and met his family and returned with a confirmation of his cheerful smile. Yes, the kids are comfortable with him. How many of us ( including your Nisaar Sir ) would be comfortable in bringing up some one else's children, not one but three.

I know another family, I visited during last Ramadhan. A young man, bearded and trousers above ankles and fond of deen. He met an accident few years back and now he cant step out of bed without an aid. His most of the time passes on bed. Young man. Yes, he has a wife, a young wife. She is his companion. She could have left him and married another young man But no. She didn't. It means it is an end for her bedroom pleasure too. For past some years she struggles at home in domestic work and extra effort to serve her husband and his well being. A man whose house is like a slum. A man who may perhaps never be able to stand back on is feet. A man who may perhaps never earn and gift her a valuable gift to say

THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH ME IN MY HARD DAYS. But she continues to be with him. What is her hope or expectation? The pleasure of Allah.

That couple bringing up a bed trodden son for twenty years, that Aslam upbringing his wife's ex husband's children with care, that lady who refused to part her husband in his hard days, they are our jewels. They will never be awarded any Nobel Prize or King Faisel award but they are our awards. We are proud to have such people in our community, people who motivate us without writing their biographies or conducting their workshops. Nobody runs their Fan page on Facebook. No matter how many hundreds of lectures I give , or how many thousands of my readers click ' like' on my notes, Yet for me these are my teachers. I read their lives more attentively than you read my notes. I see the reflection of how a Muslim should be. They taught me what is sabr, endurance, steadfastness…