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Akhlaaq : Weigh it Today Before Allah Weighs it on That Day

by: Nisaar Nadiadwala

Among the heaviest deed in the weigh on the Day of Qiyamah will be Good Akhlaaq says the Sahih Hadith of Tirmidhi. You can understand Good Akhlaaq as character, nature, capacity to tolerate people's weakness and respond it soberly or gently, cheerful appearance in spite of hardships, generosity and every other thing that plays a part in making you loved or respectfully acknowledged by your near and dear ones and your enemies as well.

Many people have not got a complete understanding of Akhlaaq that is why many of us harbour a continuous complain against others that " My akhlaaq is good but people don't acknowledge my contribution "

Among the actions that reflects our akhlaaq are how we react towards those people with whom we don't agree or have some grudges against them. Among the biggest harms that movies, sports stars and other idols have done to our society is that they have taught us to focus too much on looks, and style and cultivated rude speaking habits and arrogant display of status. While maintaining the run after looks and style we leave behind the essence of strong and caring human relations. People think that if they are popular it means that their akhlaaq is is not always so..Let us ponder over a few Qur'anic commands on how to improve our akhlaaq..

  1. Tell my worshippers that they should speak only that which is best, because shaytan tries to sow dissension among them...Surah Isra ch.17, verse 53
  2. And lower your voice, because, the harshest voice is the braying of a donkey...Surah Luqman ch 31, verse 19
  3. Let them forgive and overlook ( people's faults ) Do you not wish that Allah should forgive you? Surah Nur: 22
  4. O you who believe ! Do not nullify your charity by reminders of your generosity or by injury.. Surah Baqarah :264
  5. O you who believe avoid suspicion as much.. for suspicion in many cases may be sin.

Surah al Hujarat :12

Remember, akhlaaq cannot be displayed artificially. So the biggest test is : whether one of your parents or both reach old age DO NOT SAY EVEN UFF TO THEM          Surah Isra ch 17 , verse 23

So dont be under the illusion of possessing a good akhlaaq rather keep a constant watch on it for wearing an unstained white shirt is one thing and protecting it from stains and dirt is another