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Addicted to Television! The Dangerous Non Mahram in Our Homes

by: Nisaar Nadiadwala

Time is not wasted in hours and days.. but also in minutes and seconds regularly, and if you sum them up you will realise that you have wasted a lot of days and months! Just consider the amount of time you waste waiting for a bus or for a friend who is late. Or loitering in your bedroom or peeping out of the window while waiting for the rain to stop.

Consider this : Ahmed is appearing for his board exams, which is beginning from the next month. He is not yet fully prepared, but he has a month to do so. It is a very important task for him because his career is at stake. Procrastinating his studies he prefers to watch a cricket match on TV and continues to do so for a couple of hours. Then he gets up for studies but his eyes are tired and they rebel. So off he goes to sleep procrastinating again by putting off his studies fort the next day. Thus he made a wrong choice. Most of us make wrong choices in our lives when it comes to choosing an important thing over a non important thing. Our choices are not based upon our benefit and virtues ut rather they incline towards desires and general trend.

Visiting a sick relative is not a time waster, responding to your mother's call to help her out in domestic work is not a time waste, even if you are preparing for your exams. These are not ordinary priorities. Visiting orphanages and hospitals for poor and being with them and talking to them is one of the best way of investing one's free time. rather I would say it benefits you with great qualities like generosity, kindness and affection, which cannot be taught by academic text books. Certain lessons are learnt from only being practical.You can never learn swimming without going into the water.

Television is a big time waster, in fact a classical example of draining away your time wishfully. Study the following calculations and decide for yourself.
Average No. of hours in a school every year 180 days x 5 hours = 900 hours
Average No. of hours viewing Tv every year 360 days x 3 hours = 1000 hours !!!!
(Including Serials, news, sports... )

Therefore in ten years of your schooling life you receive 9000 hours of learning Maths, Languages, Science History....and 10,000 hours of aggressiveness that makes us violent and impatient, obscenity thats arise sexual desires, Glossy advertisement that make us extravagance by alluring us to buy things we don't need. Who would watch a Tennis tournament if the girls don’t wear short skirts? How many people watch a spectacled girl playing scrabble or chess?

When you go out of your house leaving your little child alone won't you caution him " Don't open the doors for any stranger"..But there are more dangerous strangers entering into your houses through the TV screen, in the form of heroes, villians, rapists, killers, abusers, adulterers, fornicators, rash drivers, gamblers..

If your white shirt is stained you can wash it but how do we clean dirty minds? How can we get away undoing those 10,000 hours spent learning fights, foul languages, adultery and fornication of all levels?

So the basic question comes : How much money do you spend on TV ? The common answer can be " Few Thousand Rupees to buy it .. but the wise answer can be .. Every thing that I and my kids spend on useless colas, icecreams, branded gadgets and dress after learning about them from TV advertising are equivalent to spending on TV.

Next time you switch on your TV besides watching program watch how much time and money you are spending on TV.. Recall the first verse of Surah Ambiya: Closer and closer has come to mankind their day of Accounts and they are still heedless towards it !!!!