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Assalaam u Alaikum. I hope whoever is reading this, is doing well and finds whatever they are searching for, In Shaa Allah. My religion is of great importance to me. Although my level of imaan is good, I am still trying to improve day by day. I pray 5 times daily, fast the entire month of ramadan and at least 3 days every other month, pray all the sunnah and some nawafil prayers and read the Quran almost every single day. I am no scholar and I have had no Islamic education but I try to learn and practice the Quran, Sunnah, Hadiths and keep away from biddah as much as possible. I am a sunni and try to follow the Salaf as much as possible. I am an introvert and don't talk very much. I am an organized person and keep things clean, in & around the house. Although I must confess that women have a higher standard. I am a very patient man but my patience has its limits. I usually anger slowly but sometimes explode like a volcano. I am quite forgiving so please never lie to me or hide things from me even if you made a mistake I love kids and would like to have lots of kids as they bring joy and strengthen the bond between a husband and a wife. I hope to make my wife and kids my priority over work and would strive hard to achieve it. I don't want our kids to have screen time on mobile/laptops until they are adults, and raise them as proper Muslims. Focus on physical activities and books instead. I want to have a friendly relationship with the kids and not be too hard on them. I am capable of helping around with the household work (cooking, cleaning, etc.). I enjoy natural beauty, going on treks, visiting new places. I am a foodie and love to eat a lot. I don't complain when it comes to eating food and eat almost everything (that is halaal). I would prefer living in the countryside to the city (on my own farm, growing and eating healthy organic food with lush green fields, trees, flowers, birds, animals, nature). My interests/hobbies are varied and diverse and include sports in general, football in particular, cars, technology, long walks, trekking/hiking, nature, driving/long drives to nowhere in particular, traveling and many more. I don't smoke, gamble, drink or use filthy language. Other words I would use to describe myself include: simple, calm, loving, caring, understanding, loyal, respectful of others and their opinions, great team player, silent, well mannered, adaptive and flexible. I am an average looking guy. So keep your expectations accordingly. Maybe you might like the way I look. I look better in person than in photos (I believe). I am not perfect. I may not be as good looking as others but what I lack in beauty, I make up for it with my good heart, good mind and good character.
Describe your ideal spouse
Obviously I am looking for a Muslim woman (by birth/revert) who gives priority to her religion above everything else. If you are an Arabic speaker, that would be amazing. You could teach me (I can read and write it but I don't understand the language and grammar). I am not looking for a woman who would like to work/pursue a career after marriage, as such I would prefer a home maker. Another attribute that I am looking for in a wife is not wasting time online on the internet in general, social media in particular. I prefer if you don't use social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, tiktok, etc.) at all (makes life easier, prevents evil eye and jealousy on both ends). Only use a messenger to talk to family and friends (preferably Signal). I would want a wedding ceremony according to the Sunnah. Nothing fancy, as little expenses as possible, in the masjid and a simple walima as it increases the barakah in the marriage. I would like our kids to be home schooled and I am thinking about developing a curriculum. My future wife's input would be necessary and welcomed. I would like my future wife to help me inculcate good habits in our future children like discipline, punctuality, reading, taking good care of health, confidence, etc. from the beginning. I am a private person and like to keep personal life private and I would like to marry someone who has the maturity to keep the private life within the walls of the house. Someone who doesn't gossip and share things that she shouldn't with others. I value honesty, integrity, shyness, modesty, humbleness and loyalty in a woman. I also prefer natural beauty to make up. Eye liner and lip gloss is fine. I don't like nose piercings, long finger nails and nail polish. I don't expect perfection and hope to keep my expectations realistic. I find women who dress like men (like wearing jeans, shirts, suits, etc) not attractive. A good fashion sense and maintaining good appearance would be great, inside and outside the house. Wearing hijab and loose clothing is necessary, abaya, niqab, burqa, jilbaab, etc. is a personal choice and preferred. I would like my wife to have very long or long, smooth, silky, well maintained hair. I would want a woman who doesn't have trust issues and gets jealous/envious of others, hot temper, easy to anger, aggressive, rebellious, who talks back especially loudly and complains too much or unnecessarily. A person who forgives easily. I would like my future wife to be open about her feelings and not keep any secrets from me. Communicating with each other would be key for a successful marriage. I would also appreciate it if my future wife doesn't share things with others that I tell her not to share/in confidence and have faith in me & trust my judgment. I would like my future wife to be my best friend with whom I could share anything without judgment and enjoy spending most of my time with her and our kids. I am pretty open minded and I accept useful advice & respect opinions of others. I would like my future wife to have the same qualities. If you enjoy working out and take proper care of your health, nutrition, fitness that would be even better. I would like my future wife to be adventurous and help me plan future trips & activities so that life would be more exciting for the whole family. Parties, get together, vacations, etc. You would have to be the one doing most of the talking. However, once I feel comfortable & open up to somebody, I talk often and have meaningful conversations (most of the time). If you are a person that enjoys cooking food and making different cuisines, then we would be great for each other. You would get tired of cooking but I wouldn't get tired of eating, (just joking). Deal breaker: I would like to have multiple wives in the future if I am physically, mentally, emotionally, financially able to do so. I mean there has got to be a reason why Allah(SWT) allowed it. If you have any questions about me, feel free to get in touch with me. Assalaam u Alaikum.
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