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United Kingdom
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Divorcee, New Muslim, Widow, Single Aged 26+, Single Parent,
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United Kingdom
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Islamic knowledge, more science
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All Obligatory
Do you attend Islamic Courses or Lectures & have you attended Islamic courses in past? If yes, give details
I have attended two Islamic Arabic language courses and some 1-day events, but I never took it past beginner level.
Religiously – What can you offer your spouse?
Sincerity, high motivation and support, correct sect (Salafi - Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah)
Religiously – What are you expecting from your spouse?
Sincerity, commitment, willingness to learn and grow, support. She must do all obligatory duties as a minimum (for her benefit and the benefit of those around her).
Who are your favorite contemporary Islamic personalities?
'Assim al Hakeem, Tim Humble, Imran ibn Mansur, Belal Assad, Mohammad Hijab
Do you listen to music?
Do you Fast?
All Obligatory
I recite Quran
I have read Quran with translation
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Write an introductory description about yourself exclusively for your future spouse?
I seek refuge with Allah from Shaytaan the accursed one, In the name of Allah, All praise and thanks is to Allah, I am a single Muslim man who maintains a close connection with Allah and tries to be the best person he can be, both in deen and dunya. I live a simple life and I am not interested in the material pleasures of dunya. I don't watch movies, listen to music or watch TV shows and I do not chase money. I do want to be rich, so that I can give much in Zakat and Sadaqah, which are the types of spending that I love. I seek the treasures of the akhirah and I have sold this life for the next completely. I am trying to live life in such a way that I spend as much of it as I can in good deeds so that when my time comes to leave this world, I leave with no regrets Insha'Allah. I just try to use dunya to please Allah and to build my akhirah. I enjoy weightlifting, exercise and staying healthy and stress-free in every way. I am a complete optimist and I always try to look at the positives and stay happy even in hard times. I am patient, kind and caring. I am hard to irritate or make angry and I have an easy-going, but not lazy personality. I try not to get stressed even in hard times. It is important to have the fear and hope of Allah in perfect balance like the two wings of a bird, the head of the bird being the love of Allah. I have been practising for just over nine years Alhamdulillaah. Islam is everything to me. I am currently unemployed. I used to work as a hospital laboratory assistant in sample testing. I decided to leave that job to focus on my personal studying and trying to get a job in scientific research Insha'Allah. I did a Bachelor's degree in Biology but I didn't do it well and just passed it barely. I should have had more discipline and put in more effort but I try to move forward with the lessons from the past but not the sadness over it. I would also like to seek Islamic knowledge and preach the religion. I am a Salafi meaning that I follow the Qur'an and Sunnah with the understanding of the pious predecessors. I refuse to take a mortgage or student loan and all interest (riba). Those who put their trust in Allah and seek provision from him alone, He will provide for them and He is the most generous. I regularly visit my local masjid. I live at home with my parents and three younger siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister). I do not go out to movies or theme parks etc. I try not to waste time because it will be a source of regret on the Day of Judgement. I want to stand before Allah on that day without regrets Insha'Allah. I was born and raised in the UK and I am still here. I intend to stay here for about 2 more years to gain experience in Biological research and to give da'wah to non-Muslims. My plan after that is to then move to and settle in a Muslim country. I do not want my future children (may Allah grant me many children Insha'Allah) to grow up in a non-Muslim land. I think there is too much negative influence and temptation and the risk of losing your deen is present as well. May Allah grant us spouses that are the best for us and may he make us of the most successful in this life and the next. Ameen
Describe your ideal spouse
I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan the accursed one, In the name of Allah, All praise and thanks is to Allah, I am looking for a simple pious woman with good character and strong Iman who will make a great wife and mother Insha'Allah. I want my wife to be completely attached to the next life and to use all that she has in this life for that goal. I do not plan to sit with her and watch movies etc. But I would happily sit with her and watch an Islamic video or something beneficial. I don't mind at all if she wants to stay at home without working. But I want her to always stay close to our children and to be their first teacher in the home. I want her to be beautiful in character, physical form and religion Insha'Allah. I don't mind if she is poor or rich as long as she prays all the prayers and makes Islam her goal and purpose. I want a lot of children and I would like my wife to exercise as well. I think exercise and getting strong physically is a good form of empowerment for women that will help them in confidence and in their daily lives. I don't mind if she wants me to live with her in her parent's house if she wants to be close to them. I would like her to tell me what her love language(s) is/are from the following options: - receiving gifts - words of affirmation - physical touch - quality time - acts of service so that I can give her love in the way she wants to receive it Insha'Allah. May Allah grant us spouses that are the best for us and may he make us of the most successful in this life and the next. Ameen
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