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Single Aged 26+, Single Parent, New Muslim, Divorcee,
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United Kingdom
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Family & friends
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Bachelor Degree
English Literature
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Bachelor Degree
Business Law (Hons)
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Corporate Business Law
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Assistant Manager
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Retail Industry
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1-5 years
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What are your professional goals in life? Long term & Short term
Short-Term Professional Goals: Prepare a Memorable Speech: A short-term goal could be to prepare and deliver a heartfelt and memorable speech during the wedding reception. Public speaking skills are valuable in many professional settings, so working on this skill can benefit my career as well. Organizational Skills: Organizing events and helping requires strong organizational skills. These skills can be transferable to project management or event planning roles in my career. Networking: It is an excellent opportunity to connect with various people, including friends, family, and possibly even other professionals. Networking can open doors for future career collaborations or opportunities. Responsibility and Support: Being a supportive and responsible man involves being there emotionally and logistically. These qualities are also important in professional relationships and team dynamics. Long-Term Professional Goals: Leadership Skills: As a man, I am expected to take on a leadership role by assisting with various aspects. Developing strong leadership skills can help me advance in my career and take on more responsibilities. Relationship Building: The bonds I strengthen as a best man can translate to building solid relationships in my professional life as well. Building and maintaining relationships is vital to success in many fields. Time Management: Balancing my responsibilities as a best man alongside my other commitments requires effective time management. This skill is crucial in managing my career and personal life. Crisis Management: Weddings can sometimes encounter unexpected challenges. Being able to handle crises calmly and effectively is a skill that's valuable in any professional setting. Adaptability: Weddings can be unpredictable, and being adaptable is essential. This quality can help me navigate changes and challenges in my career path. Public Speaking Confidence: By delivering a speech as the best man, I will be building my public speaking confidence. This can be useful in various professional situations, from presentations to client meetings. Emotional Intelligence: Being emotionally supportive during a wedding requires high emotional intelligence. This skill can enhance my interactions with colleagues, clients, and team members in my career. Mentorship: The role of a best man often involves mentoring and guiding the groom through a significant life event. In my career, I can also aim to be a mentor and help others grow and succeed.
Your Passion in life?
Travelling / Wanna see this World with my own Eyes
How often do you pray Salah?
Do you attend Islamic Courses or Lectures & have you attended Islamic courses in past? If yes, give details
Religiously – What can you offer your spouse?
Religiously – What are you expecting from your spouse?
Allah`s Fearing
Who are your favorite contemporary Islamic personalities?
Prof. Dr. Shykh Abdul Rehman As Sudais, Mufti Ismail Menk
Your favourite Islamic books? Audio Cds etc
Do you listen to music?
Do you Fast?
All Obligatory
I have memorized around Surahs
I recite Quran
I have read Quran with translation
I have read the Seerah of the Prophet
Write an introductory description about yourself exclusively for your future spouse?
To my life partner, As I write these lines, I can't help but smile at the prospect of the great voyage that awaits us. I'm Hamza, and I'm looking forward to the day our paths cross in a serendipitous symphony. My heart is a blank canvas that has been painted with compassion, laughter, and unfailing support. In a fast-paced world, I believe in savouring every minute. I pledge to treasure every moment we share, whether it's a peaceful evening at home, hand-in-hand strolls among nature's splendour, or huge trips. My love for you will be as steadfast as the Northern Star, leading us through calm and stormy seas. I find peace in accepting life's complexity and revelling in its modest pleasures. I wish to delve into your ideas, goals, and aspirations, weaving them perfectly into the fabric of our love narrative. Your laughter will be my favourite tune, and your dreams will be the stars that guide my path. I pledge to be your confidante, your partner in crime, and your biggest cheerleader as we traverse the chapters of life together. I can't wait to construct a future where love knows no borders with open arms and an open heart. Until fate brings us together, know that my heart beats with eagerness and my soul echoes with the promise of a pure, profound, and eternal love. Always yours, Mahmood, Hamza
Describe your ideal spouse
My ideal partner is someone who shares my beliefs, objectives, and interests. A true companion compliments my skills while also supporting me in my limitations. Here's how I'd describe my perfect spouse: My ideal partner is kind and sympathetic, always willing to provide a helping hand to those in need. She has a natural empathy that enables her to connect with people on a deep level, forming lasting relationships wherever she goes. My ideal spouse is a superb conversationalist who is intellectually fascinating. She enjoys engaging in thought-provoking debates, challenging my assumptions, and widening my views. Her voracious quest for knowledge is fueled by her intense curiosity about the world. My dream partner is the right combination of ambition and balance. She is determined to succeed, yet she recognises the need of keeping a healthy work-life balance. She believes in my goals as much as she believes in her own, forming a mutual foundation of encouragement and progress. My ideal partner is my emotional safe haven. She understands the complexities of my feelings and provides consistent support in both happy and sad moments. Her very presence offers me peace, and we share an unbreakable link that grows stronger with each passing day. My ideal partner is my best adventure buddy when it comes to shared adventures. She is willing to go on adventurous adventures with me as well as find delight in ordinary everyday moments. Her sense of humour complements mine, and we produce a treasure trove of internal jokes and amazing moments together. I detect a shared appreciation for the beauty in life in my ideal partner, whether it's the arts, nature, or the simple delights that frequently go unrecognised. We find comfort in the beauty of the world and in one other's companionship. Above all, my ideal partner is committed to and faithful to our relationship. She is at my side through thick and thin, celebrating our achievements and providing steadfast support when we face difficulties. Her love is unwavering and persistent, laying the groundwork for our connection to thrive. Finally, my ideal spouse is my confidant, companion, and best friend - someone who brings out the best in me and improves every area of our life adventure.
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