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A street food vendor seller (?)
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Bachelor Degree
Chemistry Education
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If possible, yes. I'd like to take writing/literature so it'll help me with my work
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Freelance Writer
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B2C writing
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6-10 years
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To be honest, I'd like to write a fiction book. I've been writing stories since I was a kid, but the situation kinda forced me to focus on regular writing jobs since it's easier to make money that way. So if there's a chance, I'll definitely give it a shot! As for my future plan, I'll continue working as a freelance writer but focus on getting a contract with one company. That way, I can have a fixed schedule. At the moment, I work based on projects. Meaning I don't really get days off and my working schedule change every other week.
Your Passion in life?
Honestly, I still figure things out.
How often do you pray Salah?
Obligatory & Voluntary
Do you wear Hijaab?
Do you wear Nikaab?
Do you want your spouse to have a beard?
Its upto him
Do you attend Islamic Courses or Lectures & have you attended Islamic courses in past? If yes, give details
Yes. I did learn from local communities and masjid. Hmm, there are a lot of things that I learned, mainly Bukhari Muslim. I learned a bit of arabic but stopped midway due to conflict of schedule.
Religiously – What can you offer your spouse?
I do all the basic prays and fast and trying my best to do sunnah as well. I don't touch non mahram unless it's really old men and the situation is really hard to avoid. I wear abaya (loose clothing) with hijab that covers the chest area. I don't hang out with men unless it's really necessary (family gathering, reunion which I spend mostly with the girls, in the past for work related event as well). I always try to learn more about Islam and try to do my best.
Religiously – What are you expecting from your spouse?
I'd say similar things as what I do. Or someone who's willing to learn and try to be more religious.
Do you listen to music?
Not really. But I watch anime and youtube, which has music in there.
Do you Fast?
Both Voluntary & Obligatory
I recite Quran
I have read Quran with translation
I have read the Seerah of the Prophet
Write an introductory description about yourself exclusively for your future spouse?
Please read the important notes at the end of this about me section I'm a 28 years old woman who is trying to build a great family. My family is a conservative (or traditional, some might see it that way) and low-middle-class family. I have my parents and one younger brother (18 years old). I live with my family, mainly because they asked me to stay. I work as a freelance writer. That's also the reason why I stay with my parents since I can work from anywhere. I feel inferior about my body, both my height and my weight. I was bullied a lot by boys when I was a teenager, resulting in me not caring about my body. I was very naive, thinking someone will just accept me for who I am. But of course, that's not really the case. Everyone wants the best version of themselves. I'm kinda late realizing this, but it's better late than not making any progress at all. So yeah, I'm currently overweight but I'm working to get myself into the ideal body that's healthy. I'm a religious person. This is a bit subjective, I guess, depending on what parameters we use to call someone religious. I pray 5 times a day plus often sunnah prayers as well such as night prays and dhuha. I read Quran almost daily. My memorization isn't the best as I don't specify a goal, but I'd love to do that soon. I wear a hijab, the one that covers the chest area. I don't really follow fashion, but as long as it's not too tight and covers what needed to be covered I'm good. My personality, I'd say I'm pretty talkative. I'll be quiet when I'm in a new environment or with people who chat a lot, but I'll become talkative once we get close or I'm in a group of people that has no one to lead the conversation. I don't usually get angry or raise my voice, I usually just stay silent if I'm really upset or angry. I see myself as open-minded. I can respect other people's lives and different views on things. Important Notes: (1) Please message me first before asking for my number or to see my photo. I may have invited you to see my profile, but that doesn't mean I'll definitely be okay with you or move forward right away. I want to chat first and see if we can connect personality-wise or if we can compromise. And goals for the future, especially about the future family. Then we can see each other photos. (2) I don't want to be in a polygamous relationship. It doesn't mean I'm denying Syariah, no. Polygamy is between ibaahah or istihbaab, depending on the person and situation. It's not something that I have to do, and I decided not to do it. This may change in the future if some situations occur such as if I got really sick. Then I definitely will consider polygamy. But at the moment, I don't want to/don't plan to do it. So if you're looking for a polygamous relationship/planning to have one, then I'm not the one you're looking for. (3) Yes, I'm a real person. It's really sad that apparently, some people use this website pretending to be someone else and using it in a bad way. Once we talk and feel somehow compatible, we can move to Whatsapp and I'll gladly share my ID card photo. I'll expect the same from the brother since I'm aware many people make fake accounts. Oh, and video call is another way to confirm if we're real or not. Thank you. May Allah help us find the right partner :)
Describe your ideal spouse
I'm looking for a male aged 26-38 years old. I apologize, but I can't go for much younger or much older than that age range. I usually hang out with my peers, or if it's younger/older, there's not much of an age gap. I'm afraid the generation gap might create an issue with communication, the way we understand or see things, topics of discussion, etc. So I have to limit the age gap. I'm looking for someone who can accept me and my family, and although he may disagree, he still respects them and treat them well. As I mentioned in the a little bit about yourself section, my family is conservative. And it's traditional, cultural-wise, not religion-wise. They might do or say things that in the Islamic view are wrong. My parents were raised in traditional ways, so they see things from traditional views as well. Over time, through long conversations and discussions, they change their views on many things. So they're not in any way strict on their view and won't change their opinion. In fact, they're willing to listen and change their view. So please don't misunderstand. I'm looking for someone who works full-time. As long as it's a legal job and the salary can cover the family's needs, it's all good. I'm working full-time as well, so I should be able to help as well. I'm willing to relocate to a different country. In fact, I prefer that. I've been living here my whole life with my parents. As much as I love them, I want to be independent and build my own life. Living in a new country sounds exciting. I'm fine with any physical look, but I do wish for someone who also wants to have a healthy body. Doesn't matter if he's fat or skinny at the moment, but if he's willing to change, I'm up for it. It'll be great to have someone taller than me. I'm looking for someone religious or learning to be more religious. We can learn together. As long as he prays 5 times a day, Jumah prays, eats halal, does not drink alcohol, not smoking, that's a good start. I'm looking for someone who's Sunni, I'm sorry but I don't believe in Shia. I'm looking for someone who didn't have anger issues, was not violent, and was not hot-tempered. Problems will always occur in life, and I want to handle all problems like a mature adult without shouting or anger. I believe we can talk things out. Someone who I can talk to for hours, who respect individual space even when we live together, and someone who is compassionate.
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