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Bachelor Degree Nursing
Single Parent
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United Kingdom
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Single Parent
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Divorcee, Single Parent, Single Aged 26+, Widow, New Muslim,
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United Kingdom
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Family only
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Bachelor Degree
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Adult nurse
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6-10 years
Does your profession include a lot of traveling?
What are your professional goals in life? Long term & Short term
Have a paid for house and be financially stable enough to go umrah every couple of years with my wife and children. Be able to give more to charity, Alhamdulilah this is a habit I have had for the last ten years. Be able to provide the basics and more for family on top of this if able (insha'Allah my wife would be grateful for my efforts and be appreciative of whatever she had).
Your Passion in life?
I love to find ayats in the Qur'an that relate to me at that particular moment in time and pondering, also raising my children and spending time with them, I'm a football fan (arsenal if you want to know)
How often do you pray Salah?
All Obligatory
Do you attend Islamic Courses or Lectures & have you attended Islamic courses in past? If yes, give details
Yes I have been to mufti menk, Yasir qadhi, belal Assad, Abu taymiyyah, bayyinah TV (started Arabic with husna a while back). My favourite speaker is nouman Ali khan, I love his breakdown of the Qur'an and how he relates it to modern times etc
Religiously – What can you offer your spouse?
I am willing to wake up for fair and throw water in her face. I'd like a spouse who will love when I do this and also be willing to do the same for me. Read Qur'an together and reflect on ayat. Someone who already makes she stops in the shopping mall to go to the prayer room when it's time and doesn't have to be reminded too much or convinced to go and pray
Religiously – What are you expecting from your spouse?
Someone who cries here and there when they read to he Qur'an or during salah. I don't think I'm quite a full on salafi in regards to knowledge but if I had to choose a sect I'd say I'm closest to them as I love to look at the source and often use islamqa or sheikh assim al Hakim. I am happy to be proved wrong if I'm following something that is not quite sunnah and would like someone who can take constructive criticism and also give it out in a polite manner. I'm not stubborn and rude so I would love someone who is soft natured and not crafty like men as Aisha RA put it.
Who are your favorite contemporary Islamic personalities?
Nouman Ali khan, sheikh assim al Hakim
Your favourite Islamic books? Audio Cds etc
Qur'an, Enjoy your life
Do you listen to music?
Do you Fast?
Both Voluntary & Obligatory
I have memorized around Surahs
I recite Quran
I have read Quran with translation
I have read the Seerah of the Prophet
Write an introductory description about yourself exclusively for your future spouse?
May Allah forgive me if I have exaggerated any of my qualities etc. Assalamu alaykum, I'm mild a mannered Muslim who is quite soft natured. I do need to improve on reading salahs on time especially at work, I work as an adult nurse, alhamdulilah it is a very rewarding Job but it does come with it's fair share of difficult days. And I feel just due to my natural disposition I have tended to over empathise with patients in the past. Alhamdulilah In recent years I have improved greatly on this in the sense that the majority of the time I'm able to leave my thoughts about work when I get home. Two of my other main priorities in life apart from my Deen are my family including my parents who I'm currently living with. Also my beautiful children alhamdulilah, my amanats from Allah, I wouldn't change them for the world. I have a four year old boy and a 2 year old girl. I have 5 sisters 2 of which have flew the nest. One to fly soon In sha Allah. In sha Allah Im looking to start driving lessons (stopped and started few times, In sha Allah this will be the last as I'll have passed) - happy to offer Uber rides/ public transport at present.
Describe your ideal spouse
Someone who strives to pray all salahs. Adheres to Qur'an and sunnah. Soft natured, polite in manner, doesn't get angry easily. maternal, loves to look after their home and would be appreciated if they love to cook. I am comfortable hoovering, washing dishes, changing nappies, cutting vegetables ( I don't have too much experience cooking recently, made a few curries back in the day). A muslimah who is happy to adjust if learnt something authentic. Likes the idea of learning Deen together. Hopefully their ideal day out would be going to a masjid to learn about Deen then getting food after/ dine out after. Gets on/ is amicable with my parents. Would be committed looking after my kids when I have them at the house as I would be committed in looking after their child/children.
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